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Taranjeet kaur

Jan 14, 2019

Dimna Lake- The picnic spot of Jamshedpurians



Life is weird, isn’t it? We strive for more but then we forget to look at our own shoes and our own ability. As I am a part of the human race the same has happened to me. Being a resident of Jamshedpur I never had an opportunity to visit Dimna Lake.  So one morning I decided to travel to some bizarre place. So, I thought to start it with my hometown and wrote my first travel experience.

Best to visit if you wanna go for a long drive with your loved ones


On my way to Dimna Lake, at first, it was refreshing as the avenue was filled with greenery on both the sides of the exotic place and the other half of the highway is made by fragmenting the hills piece by piece. The journey to the wanderlust drive made my soul inked into highness as I crossed the forest of mystery and amusement.

Overhyped Dimna Lake

But then my emotion was trenched into gloominess as the place was a mere disappointment. The place has nothing to see other than the lake. For once a person can look at the lake and be happy as it reminds you of nature and who is not happy when they are surrounded by nature? But after a while it becomes boring. I don’t know what I was expecting to find out. The name of the place itself was a lake. But I was expecting more of a natural kind of a feel which I didn’t get there maybe you might get that feeling.

The food stalls near the lake

People come to visit this place from far off places to see it. I don’t know what they find so good about it. There is no eatery present other than a few stalls that are there. But who needs eateries in such a place. In my opinion, it is not the best place if you are looking for variety in food but you would get fresh sugarcane juice and few other refreshing things to get rid of your thirst and boost your mood.

If you are among those people who do not like going to crowded places then this place is the best option you have got


The one thing that I found good about this place was that it was not crowded. Maybe it was because I went there in the month of October. I like visiting places which are not very crowded and you can wander around but I didn’t find this place worth wandering around as it is not that big. The place is good for taking pictures as it gives you a good background.

In all, the place is worth visiting just once if you want to go for a long beautiful drive with your loved ones. Although you have to keep the weather in mind because if it is too sunny then all the fun can be ruined.