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Alim Munna

Jun 15, 2020

Rushikonda beach

Beautiful sunrise


Surrounded by hills, situated closer to Kailasagiri, a small number of shops closeby, Rushikonda beach is an excellent tourist spot. This beach is a surprisingly cleaner and crowd free beach.

Very clean beach with golden and black sand...the sand on the beach is heavy and compact packed...the sea is shallow and allows walking quite a distance into the water..definitely one of the best beaches in India.

Well, in comparison to the RK beach (where most hotels are), the Rushikonda beach is less crowded and chaotic. It's cleaner and quieter. The prime reason is its distance from the main city. For tourists, you will hardly have a choice other than hiring an Ola/ Uber/ Cab for this trip. Local transports are almost nil and absolutely not dependable. This beach is around 30 minutes' drive away from the city. Lots of water sports activities and small eateries. Perfect place to spend a quite evening.

This is the safest beach for sea bath. The waves are small and the beach is shallow. Lately lots of good eateries and souvenir shops have sprung up. For Water sports like Kayaking and water scooters this is the only place in Vizag. The view is amazing and hardly 10 kms from the city. A must visit for every tourists interested in taking a sea bath.