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Vikrant Anand

Jul 31, 2019

India's most culturally rich place

The Throne of Guru Gobind Singh


Among the five takhats (thrones of the guru), one is situated in Patna which is known as Harmindar Shree Takht Sahib. It holds the second most importance for Sikhs after the Golden Temple. The whole place is submerged in white colour which represents purity. As soon as you enter inside the main building, your eyes will shine up from an engraved wall that is fully covered with gold.


If you feel hungry, then you can also satiate your hunger with mouth-watering food at just Rs.0. Yes, you read it correctly. Gurudwaras have a community kitchen which is known as Langar. It is run by common people, whoever wants to serve the community. Just enter inside and sit and people will serve you healthy and delicious food with lots of love sprinkled on it. And don’t miss the Kada Prasad that will definitely leave its mark on your tastebuds.



The compassionate langar that feeds the visitors.


It is situated near the Ganges that is approx one kilometer away from it. You can also visit there and sit on the shore and relax with your friends or family or have a wonderful company of peace of your mind. Let your worries flow with the flow of the river.


At the bank of the Ganges


There are lots of shops near the gurudwara. Jewelry, fabric, utensil, food and many more. You can buy a lot of goods at a very reasonable price.


Shop it with all glory at one of the oldest shops


This shop is run by Shri Kuldeep Singh, which is the oldest shop in the whole market. It was established by his grandfather which he says will go in the hands of his grandson. Here you can find a wide range of designer dupattas in different shades of colours at a very affordable price.