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Prathik Desai

Feb 10, 2019

Bhavani Island

The Island of happiness and austerity amidst the hullabaloo of the town of Vijayawada


They often say that patience is the art of finding peace amidst the chaos. Well, if you too are looking for such peace amidst the chaos, then you should head to the Island that is silently placed on the mighty River Krishna. Bhavani Island, as it is called, is ‘positioned’ right on the Krishna River. Facing the famous temple of Goddess Durga, it is 10-minute ferry ride from the Ghar in the town.

A Ferry ride that you wish would never end

One can get to the island by taking a ferry from Punnami ghat, which is at a 5-minute distance from the famous Durga temple. The ferry ride though lasts for a little above 10 minutes, is worth the 20 bucks you pay for it. It offers an excellent view of the approaching island, the temple at the back and the Prakasam Barrage on the left. (In the backdrop of the image on the right.

Something for every one

The best part about the island is, once you reach there, it has got something to offer to people of every age, taste and preferences. They’ve got some fun-filled water sports to keep the young at hearts busy and occupied.

Want to walk hand-in-hand with nature?

Well, this is the right place to head to, for it has got some of the most unique and eye-catching naturally made sculptures and plantations. For all the nature and fitness-lovers out there, there is even an option to rent cycles and go out cycling around the island on the newly built roads through the woods.

The right kind of place for the ‘love-birds’ too - to do some ‘chirping’ :P

The romantically lit up lanes complemented by the gorgeously built cottages for overnight stay form a perfect setup for couples who wish to stay over for a weekend, away from the chaos of the town.

This huge structure with human sculptures and various murals is the one that visitors immediately relate to when someone speaks of Bhavani Island. It is very much visible from the town even before one boards the ferry.

Redefined ways of befriending Mother-Nature

Talk about passing a social message? Check! This place has redefined the ways to conserve the resources around and the authorities have made an attempt to pass a strong message to the visitors by sticking to eco-friendly products and making sculptures from reused resources.


The best is saved for the evening

The best attraction of the lot, on the island, is definitely the laser fountain show that starts off at around 6 30 or after it, once the light fades away.

Talking about the highlight of this place, the laser fountain show is the best piece of work you’ll see at this place. It starts off with the laser lights going on. The show then has a play of the mythological characters and other Telugu related stories of culture and tradition. This entire play is projected by laser lights on the water fountain on the banks of the river. It’s a perfect end one can ask for, for the long vacation day at the island.

All’s well that ends well!

The setup of the laser fountains is shown in the pics – During the show (above) and before the start of the show (below).