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A Walk into the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan


The Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is located in Bangalore and is very close to the City Market.


How to reach to the Palace:

To reach Tipu’s Palace one can either travel by a BMTC bus or a rickshaw or more conveniently take the order to enter and explore the Summer Palace, an entry fee of Rs.25 needs to be paid. Shutterbugs, please note, photography is allowed in this Palace bit they don’t appreciate videography. As you enter, you will see a well maintained lush green garden just at the entrance of the Palace.


The Interiors of the Palace:

The Palace is quite small and is painted brown. One storey tall, it has been made entirely of wood and has finely embellished balconies, masts and arches as per to the Islamic style which is always known for its minute carvings and detailed finishing of the architecture. The walls and the ceilings of the Palace have been adorned with beautiful floral designs with few walls engraved with excerpts from Arabic scriptures.


The construction of this palace was started by Hyder Ali and was completed by his son Tipu Sultan in the year 1791. The palace, though small, is very impressive.

He also had a mechanical tiger as a toy which he had gifted to one of the British officers. The toy portrayed the tiger killing the British. The abhorrence he had for the British was clearly evident from this.

There is an interesting Arabic inscription in the palace which says it is the “abode of happiness and envy of heaven”. Even in this day, in its current condition, it is splendid. One can only visualize how it must have been in its heyday. 




However, as I sat there among those beautiful arches, a sense of indignation kept tugging my heart. Here I was in the palace of a very courageous king, a truly patriotic king, who was the first in South India to stand up to the British and indeed, shattered them in many battles – the only one in these parts of whom the British were truly terrified of. He stands head and shoulders above the rest of the South Indian kings who mostly kowtowed to the British to save their supremacy and their treasures.


Hurry up now, pay a visit to the historical heritage. High chances that you’ll drop your jaws while exploring the beauty and the hidden strength behind every pillar that’s holding the Palace until date!