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AbhroJyoti Nandy

May 15, 2020

Stay Home. And Certainly No Work

Work is life


While one gave us words to follow, the other went a step ahead and gave us reasons to execute the preaching. So who do you think wins?




The creaslines on my forehead is for a deeper reason: worries of livelihood. Of mine, and all those superhumans of the kitchen faternity, who toiled day in & out, never complaining about the black fumes and burnt hands, only to provide value to your hard earned worth. Corona or it's makers had the time to plan, of its development and practise, while were busy from dawn to dawn amidst our handiwork, letting all plans of good secure future go kaput.




The images above are not of any revolution, neither to express penury or to collect a crocodile tear. Let's just say, its a validation of how your prayers and our efforts will bring us back. I am not here to to ask for support, because i know there will be a lot of hands to hold us up. You, me and all of us, will join hands to write the saga of a comeback, unheard of!