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Rushikesh Patil

May 2, 2020

Kailasagiri, Vizag's Bird-eye view!


Spread over 100 acres on a hilltop, an abode of Lord Shiva situated at the topmost point of Vizag. A ride through first-ever cable car in Andhra Pradesh, breathless panoramic views, lush green gardens, huge idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati, decks with fresh cool breezes, tangy chaat corners, Titanic viewpoint, jungle trails, mediation centres and what not??… The place has everything from spirituality flavour to the entertainment. In a tranquil atmosphere, looking over the Vizag city with a coffee cup while experiencing the cool breezes is a sheer retreat!


I was very excited about this place after seeing photos of the bright, huge statues of Lord Shiva and Parvati crafted intricately in white limestone on a hilltop. The sun was right on my head just after getting out from the auto. I kept the luggage with the auto driver and moved ahead gushingly towards the entry.


I was more excited when I heard about the ropeway. The place can be accessed by both road and ropeway. I preferred the ropeway to cherish the breath-taking view of the city. The ticket costs 55 INR for adults and 28 INR for children both to and fro. While waiting in the queue, I was dreaming about the park above. I enjoy sketching the place in my thoughts while on a journey to it.


Soon, it was my turn to get inside the cable car. The colourful cars were climbing the hilltops while exposing to the beautiful panorama of the Vizag city down. It’s a first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh as well as in the whole of coastal India.


I also heard that this is a favourite location among the filmmakers all over India from fellow tourists. Within 20 minutes, we were on the hill. Being thirsty, I first grabbed a fresh fruit juice outside the cable car counter. It was a sheer relief in the scorching heat.

Soon, I entered in premises and started exploring the lush green parks in the way. The parks are well maintained and intricately designed with best flowering plants and greenery. Being a nature lover, my heart was jumping with joy to see the beautiful flowers, huge green trees and butterflies roaming around. After walking for some time, the idols were visible from a distance.



It was a sight to behold. The idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati were gracefully situated at the topmost part. The 40 ft high idols are looking towards the east coast with their merciful glance over the whole city. This place got the name “Kailasagiri” as the surroundings depict the abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati. The moment I was getting near to them, they were appearing huge. A rising platform with bright red bricks takes you near to the idols.



The sun-rays falling on the statue was resulting to shine the white colour over the backdrop of the blue sky. A plunging waterfall oversteps in situated in the centre and the whole area is surrounded by a beautiful garden.



People around were trying hard to accommodate both statues in a selfie. I offered my prayers to the Lord. Shiva is considered to be the topmost among Vaishnavas serving Lord Krishna.



After spending around half an hour near the idols, we headed to nearby attractions. The huge floral clock with a diameter of 10 ft. gives an artistic impression on the lush green patches on the backdrop of the statue. Standing as a landmark, it attracts huge crowds.



The Shanku Chakra Naama measuring up to 40 meters high symbolizes the image of Lord Vishnu in its pristine form. There are other attractions like Titanic viewpoint, Jungle trails, Shanthi Ashram where one can meditate for peace of mind. It is also a famous place for paragliding with excellent gliding facilities.



Spread over 100 acres on a hilltop, the garden is surrounded by a deck which offers a panoramic view of the surroundings which every nature lover craves for. The sound of the waves hitting the coast, the bird-eye view of the tiny city and cool breezes make you alive. This view I will cherish for a lifetime!



I was hungry again. To satisfy the hunger pangs, there are enough eateries around this park. You can get fresh juices, snacks, coffee along with chaat corner. The trees around were providing cool shade and I did not mind to take a nap!



While going down the hill, one more attraction was waiting– the toy train! The ride gives a circular tour of the park and is thoroughly enjoyed by the tiny tots. I was equally excited as of them, haha. The train journey of 20 minutes duration costs Rs 75/- . Tickets are issued at the platform and seat number is allotted at the time of buying the ticket. The compartments are fitted with transparent glass at the top (roof) and at the side. The compartments became hot during noon so morning and evening time shall be comfortable. Try to get the seat at the left to enjoy the views.



Just after this, I was in a hurry to get to the next place. Waving goodbye, I got into the cable car and reached down the hill.



Although I was exploring this place for an hour or two, it is still in my memory. The beautiful idols, lush green parks, tangy chaat, colourful flowers, Bird-eye sea view, fresh breeze over the deck and the playful toy train ride, everything was mesmerizing!

Keep Exploring!