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Prathik Desai

Feb 10, 2019

Every Dog Lover’s Abode – Dog Park

Because Dogs are Love



One stop for all Dog Lovers

If you are a true dog lover and want to take your dog out for a walk, play or a casual swim then you gotta head to this place. The newest dog park in the city has come up with almost everything that a dog lover would want his/her dog to have a merry time with.

They’ve got a few eye-catching dog sculptures arranged on the top of the arch at the entrance to welcome you. A nominal entry fee is charged per person while the pets are freely let in.

Hey, doggie! Want to play some splash-splash?!

If only you were not already excited about the amenities the park provides, they’ve even got an exclusive swimming pool for the dogs to splash in! Though by its first look it looks pretty bland, it surely is going to get the adrenaline high for those cute little beings once they start splashing themselves around in those water pools!


It has also got an aesthetically pleasing setting in their park. A tri-coloured set of benches for the visitors to sit on and a café to get something to munch on for both the dogs and their caretakers alike. 

Cuteness overloaded walls with dog paintings

The setup is overloaded with cuteness as the dog paintings all across the walls keep the dogs and the visitors far from getting bored.


 Being a responsible care-taker

You might wonder how the place is being maintained in such shape and colour perfectly! Well, the answer to your doubt is right in the picture here. Oh yes! If you wish to bring down your pet to give it some fun-time, it comes with responsibility. Responsibility of being a good care-taker. All the caretakers are required to clean and pick-up the waste left behind by the pets. Ain’t that some strong message that they’re passing on here?!


 Something for the pet-lovers

And lastly, there’s nothing to feel sad about if you just don’t have your own pet. You can always come down to the park, get yourself a ticket and get yourself lucky to play with these cute dogs jumping around you. All you need is an ounce of love for these pets!