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Prathik Desai

Nov 21, 2018

The Mural paintings that redefined the face of the city

Best out of the waste - Scrap Sculpture Park


Vijayawada – which translates as the ‘City of Victory’ – has been the city on the fast track for quite some time! Thanks to the capital area region coming up in the city’s neighbourhood, Amaravathi, the city has seen rapid development and beautification in the last couple of years. One of the projects for the beautification of the city happens to be the painting of the walls along the two main roads of the city – MG road and Eluru road.

So when one drops down to the city these days, the first thing he/she will notice will most likely be some of these eye-catchy murals. These murals are skillfully painted across a radius of 10 km of the centre of the city. The best part about these mural paintings is the way the local citizens have lent support by not sticking posters and bills on the walls and hence enabling the mural artists to create an ambience that the city can proudly flaunt. This concept evoked a great response.


Best out of the waste - Scrap Sculpture Park

Similarly, yet another of the projects taken up by the city municipal corporation was the scrap sculpture park. This park is the first thing a person would see when he/she walks out of the main bus stand in the city. Located barely 500 meters away from the railway station, this scrap sculpture is located perfectly geographically next to one of the busiest junctions of the city. One can go out on a stroll by this park, and spot many of those sculptures of animals and birds sculpted diligently with the use of metallic and plastic trash. There’s even a model of a bike placed right at the centre of the park, which can even be seen by the onlookers from the main road, which is built up totally with the use of metallic trash. The park is then followed with unending walls adorned with the wall art murals described earlier. The combination of these artworks makes it for a pleasant sight for the passersby.

The significance of these artworks and park amidst the busy lanes and traffic can be understood by the fact as to how these little things have brought a huge difference to the face of the city and have changed the way the visitors look at it. It has been one of the most beautiful additions to the city. Haven’t been to this city already?! Hurry up then!