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Neha kerketta

Nov 16, 2018




I was sitting idle in my room since it was summer I was covered in sweat, no use of fans, it can't beat the sun. Suddenly my phone rang, it was my friend asking me if I want to go on a trip to Meghalaya. It was my very first trip so, hell yeah! I was very excited about it and anyhow wanted to get some relief from this heat. We decided to go in July as it was summer and we were melting, and believe me that was one of the best decision we ever made. We were travelling in a group of seven people, more people much merrier, right!



Landing our foot in Guwahati made our adventure begin now we have to hire a cab to get to Shillong, well it went well and we got a bolero, it was a hot day and we were looking like a mess. Anyway, somehow we managed to stay alive and tried to cope with it. We reached Shillong but then changes in the plan, we took another cab to SOHRA.

 Note: Before visiting any place make an unchangeable plan.

Our stomach is growling in hunger, need a break to have our lunch on our way and stopped at small 'Dhaba'. Let me tell you the distance from Shillong to Sohra is something 2-3:30 hours, now it's getting more chilly and our sweater is on and mumbling and complaining about the weather(we people never satisfy). Due to rain and cold weather, everything was covered by the fog, we can hardly see a person even in front of us. Driver are surely habituated driving on the narrow mountain roads but hello...we are not, we were scared to death and was seating like the corpses! The driver knows some home-stays so he helped us find one. By the time we got our homestay, it was dark and we are tired, we had our dinner and went straight to our beds without wasting any time.



Cherrapunji waterfalls hold a great myth, legends and folklore which is amazing to know in itself. On our first visit to Cherrapunji, we'd decided to visit two waterfalls. "SEVEN SISTERS FALLS" and "NOHKALIKAI FALLS". Make sure to wear something that won't make you uncomfortable because the wind surely hit you hard and blow your clothes. As expected the view was just WOW, I could have stayed their my whole time, covered in clouds seven waterfalls coming down from the mountains and goes to a small village deep down and meets the sea.


Nohkalikai fall was a bit crowded when we reached there, the wind was still howling and rain-soaked us. It is the 5th highest waterfall in India which is the wettest place on the earth.  



Welcome to the JURASSIC WORLD! Let me give you one piece of advice, if you don't like stairs like POOH (Kung fu Panda), then this is not your place! This is a trekking area and the only way to get to see that bridge is the STAIRS which is approximately 3500 steps, so if you are mentally prepared to face this you are most welcome. On our way to the bridge, we witnessed the beauty of nature, the most beautiful thing that we ever saw. Our leg was shaking, we were holding each other and making our balance. We were in the top of the mountain and need to go to the beneath, it was adventurous. Small houses can be seen and also small shops, small children were going up and down carrying woods and other pieces of stuff, they were laughing at us because we were too slow, yeah we were slow or you can say we were about to die!


Double Decker Bridge is unique in the world, rubber trees branches which are scattered around and was shaped by the Khasi people (local people). There are many living-root bridges in Meghalaya but if you haven't visited this place believe me you haven't seen anything.

 NOTE: Do not carry any heavy luggage with yourself or you'll feel like throwing it on your way. Carry an umbrella to avoid getting soaked.



A village that makes you love your surrounding. If in case you don't know then I am happy to tell you "MAWLYNNONG" is the cleanest village in Asia. It is a village in the East Khasi Hills and also referred to as "God's own Garden', in short, you can actually visit a paradise.

We decided to visit this on our way of returning to Shillong. We stayed there for a night. People are friendly and lovely they welcomed us kindheartedly and prepared a stay for us. Next day we had our breakfast in a cute open like a cafe and looked around. Even though it is situated in an outskirt area they have quite decent facilities for them and for the tourists there were churches small cafes and tree-house. We wanted to stay there for more time but we also had other plans so we moved to our next destination. 

NOTE: You can find Maggie everywhere, so if you get hungry be prepare to eat it.



This was our last stop so we were a little bit upset because after this we have to face our daily boring routine of life. Anyway let's come to the point, the best time to visit this marvellous river is in winter. It was our bad that we visited on the rainy season. Dawki river is famous for its crystal clear water, you can see clearly through it. Due to rain the mud from the hilly fall into the river and made it opaque so next time on winter! We hire two boats, make sure to bargain and make a decent deal. We enjoyed the quietness and peace, floating and the touch of the water as we are moving towards a small island. For 1 hour we relaxed took pictures played on the water and then back to the land.

During our trip, we realized there are so many places that are unseen and what we are missing. Travelling is never easy when you have a lot of work and impossible to take a break but it should be must in everyone's life to feel peace and beauty of nature. So next time just pack your bag and go on tripping!