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Dec 12, 2018

Sushi in Bangalore

My experience @ Shiro


I sometimes feel like I need comfort food and I really only have a few kinds of food that provide me this feeling of warmth.  Sushi happens to be one of these cuisines that puts me in my happy zone and of course this has been the case since I was a teenager.  Back in high school one of my best friends gave me the correct intro to sushi and I never looked back. He apprenticed under a master itamae and that was the quality I learned to expect.


The Sushi at Shiro does not quite meet the perfection that I grew up with, but it is still very good.  I love that the wasabi is perfectly balance in its spice and flavor.


The Unlimited Selection


I usually go for the unlimited selection of sushi since I go for the comfort of it.  It also ends of being my last meal of the day and since I do intermittent fasting I will usually go for lunch.  The types you get are maki, uramaki, and nigiri.  The selection may not be that immense, but it is worth it for the price and the quality of the food and experience.  


Salted Edamame


Shiro also has vegetarian options both in the sushi and main dishes.  There are also two Teppayaki serving tables, but I have yet to try this.  You can also enjoy a good dessert here :)


Mandarine Chocolate Velvet Cake


My Shiro Cushys:

Sushi and Dimsum

Sushi and Edamame