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Shreya Mohan

Feb 10, 2019

Shashi's story of Maati

From being an arts student to a small scale venture into pottery


As me and Akhileshwari were on the two wheeler, we just passed by a house that had a large number of pot works and a board that said ‘Maati’ outside it. Curious to know I told her to pull over and we parked and walked our way back. We knocked and walked into a beautiful garage like area that was filled with pots, sculptures, urns, murals, masks, lampshades and many other artifacts all made of clay!

We then spoke to Shashi mam who told us all about her journey into this field of art.

Maati is a venture started by Shashi Bagchi who resides in Jayanagar. She pursued her education in Fine Arts in Bombay and thereafter worked in an advertising agency, but she knew her passion and love was in fine arts and therefore started off on a venture of pottery in 2007 on a small scale. Thereafter Maati came into force in a full-fledged manner in 2013 wherein major products up to a height of 2 and 3 feet began being made. All the products are made right from scratch wherein they even make their own clay. The beautiful Buddha sculpture that caught my eye took a laborious 10 days to complete and being a perfectionist she would not compromise on even one tiny part of it. Each curve and joint was perfect, beautifully and patiently done.


She lives in a beautiful house where the garden plants are also potted in her own works of art. She told us how she has trained a few kids right from when they were small children to the age of 20s. She told us with much joy as to how these kids spread awareness and the art of pottery to others now. It was disappointing though to know how kids these days are not very interested in this art and how it is diminishing in today’s sphere. A word of request was put through wherein she wanted us to spread word about how pottery is dying in today’s world as it is a labour intensive process and how anyone who would come forward would be greeted and trained by her. She is looking for people who she could rely on to take this journey forward and who would lend a hand with ‘Maati’.


She can be reached via her Facebook page –, by email on or even by call on 080-26576959.

If anyone is interested in the art of pottery and would like to learn and be trained, feel free to get in touch with us, or directly with Shashi Bagchi through the above mentioned mediums.



Address: 358/1, T Mariappa Road, Near Ashoka Pillar, 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560011

Visit them on:

Call them on: 080 26576959/9886105432

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday (10 AM to 7 PM), Sundays (10 AM to 2 PM)