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They say ‘the best places are often not located on the maps’ and I don’t deny that at all. Discovered by tourists over the years, Nandi Hills in Karnataka is the perfect example to this, and has become one of the famous holiday spots now. Though, the place is bounded with breath-taking views, mighty attractions, and dreamlike experiences, this place is still a tiny hidden treasure located in the south. 



If you’ve decided to explore nature at its pristine best. Feeling bored, visiting crowded tourist spots? Then you definitely would long for a place to stand and stare at nature. Nandi Hills is the best known and the most popular weekend spot for Bangaloreans. This can be one of the best places to spend your summer vacation in the coolest environment. As you approach the Nandi hills the temperature drops suddenly and you are surrounded by the beautiful hill. The greenery hits you and you are lost in the stifling world of hills & trees. 


Soak yourself into the serene atmosphere!


The breath-taking sights kindle your senses and the cold wind blowing lets you relax. Wandering amidst the long grass and tall trees, one can enjoy their time with nature to their fullest possible, the chirping of birds and humming of the bees leaves you feel mesmerized. As the day leisurely slips into dusk, you can see the stars pop out, one by one and the moon casting its silver light. You get to feel on how close you are to the mother nature and how peaceful life is here! 





The Nandi Hills is an ideal for a quick getaway and as well for a long refreshing escape. If you’re still wondering if you should visit it or not, scroll down and take a look at why you must visit this place because you surely wouldn’t want to regret later. 

Reasons why you should visit the Nandi Hills

It is just a 70kms of road trip away from Bangalore and is drop-dead gorgeous.

· It is also the place where Tipu Sultan used to get his prisoners pushed off!

· All the prominent bigwigs like Queen Elizabeth II, Mahatma Gandhi and many more have cherished their stay here!

· You can ride/drive yourself to this place at any time in the year!

· And with this point am pretty sure you’ll definitely pull yourself, so every view point here is worth a thousand              Instagram likes! Lol!