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Prathik Desai

Dec 3, 2018

Finger-linking food joints in Vijayawada

Finger-linking food joints @ Food Street beside the stadium


Finger-linking food joints @ Food Street beside the stadium

The lanes around the stadium, right in the centre of the city, are filled with ice cream parlours, food joints and an entire food street to satiate your hunger for food.

 Are you a dessert-lover who would like to have some top quality ice-creams and shakes? Well, then, you gotta head to the Cream Stone ice-cream parlour right opposite the stadium. They’ve got some yummilicious ice-creams in the house which you just can’t stop having. Also, all those shake lovers, they’ve got a couple of amazing items on their menu for you too!

And for those who want to have proper dinner, be it North Indian, Chinese or Arabic, there are a couple of food joints right next to the stadium main entrance.

The Food Street adjacent to the stadium, however, goes live after 10 30 in the night and is nowhere to be seen after 01 30 in the night, till the succeeding night. There’s something for everyone out here. Starting from the South Indian Idly-Vada, to the lip-smacking Ice-cream Faloodas, you name it and it and you’ll find it here.

The endless varieties of dosas will surely get you finger-lickin.

The street is lively and pedestrian-friendly, as no vehicles are allowed in the lane during these 3 hours.