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Aug 24, 2020

My Sudden Plans for Shimla

Shimla Travel Experience


I went to Shimla in the year 2016 and my friends planned that trip for me. I was in a very horrible stage at that time and was emotionally down for a month, which is why they came up with a travel plan for all of us to travel and have some fun. We planned to travel to Shimla from Chandigarh because we were all studying in Chandigarh. Also travelling to Shimla is easier from Chandigarh as its closer and you don't have to waste a whole day travelling. 

We started off on August 12th from Chandigarh. It was by Bus that we were planning to Travel. It takes about 5-6 hours from Chandigarh to Shimla by bus, which is why we started off early on August 12th. It was just a two-day trip due to the weekend but let me tell you it was worth it. 

During the Bus trip, we listened to music and I would recommend people to travel once by the Himachal Road Corporation Bus (HRTC) because then you would realize how skilled these drivers are while driving at a high speed on such narrow roads and cliff roads. I was very scared honestly. It was almost as if the driver was driving on our mercy. 

We reached Shimla in the afternoon which left us with plenty of time to visit some of the local places in Shimla. We went to Mall Road first because I had personally heard so much about the view you can get from Mall Road. When we reached Mall Road, the viewpoint was the first place I went to, and I had tears in my eyes. All those overwhelming thoughts that were clouding my mind had somehow presented themselves right in front of my eyes. While looking at that beautiful sunset atop the mountains, I cried really bad. And maybe that is why I can never forget this trip. Also because my friends made me sit on a Children Pram. 

We had our dinner at the Indian Coffee House Shimla and later bought the local Grape Wine for the night. One more advice for someone who is thinking of travelling to Shimla, make sure you know the routes or take a local with you. We didn’t have a local person with us which is why we got lost while coming back from the Mall Road and had to walk all the way from the wrong place the bus left us. We sang while walking to our Hotel, the “Chak dhum dhum” song and that memory is embedded in my mind. 


August 13th was the day we planned to visit Kufri which is a well-known place in Shimla and is beautiful, unfortunately, we didn’t visit during the correct time and it was an offseason so we didn’t get to see much. Just lots of Mud muddles. Travelling to Kufri by Cab is one thing, which is not possible because you have to go to Kufri with the help of a Horse. And I hate Horse Riding on Cliffs. So if you are scared of Heights I would totally not recommend this to you. My Horse was literally walking along the lines of the cliff and I have never been this panicked in my life. 

After reaching Kufri we had delicious Maggi and Dimsums! The best thing you can have after that rocky journey on the Horse. 

We came back on August 13th itself and I can’t wait to go back to that place again. Shimla is a must-visit place,
to be honest.