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Prathik Desai

Feb 10, 2019

Botanical Gardens

The place where the chaos in the city of Hyderabad makes way for placidity



Serenity and Tranquility prevails

Tired of the traffic jams and ruckus that the corporate public has brought in the city? Though there’s not much one can do about the traffic jams and chaos spreading around, but one can surely move away, for a while atleast, to a place where one is promised peace.

Well, what if I say there’s a place that can promise you serenity and tranquillity amidst the rising heat of the traffic jams and pollution in the ‘tech-city’?!

 Say hello to the National Bird

Once you enter the park, after buying a nominal entry ticket for yourself, all you get to see around you is a lot of woods and a muster of peacocks. Now the increasing number of flora and the sounds by the peacocks are something one needs for perfect detoxification from the daily robotic life.

The diverse ocean of flora that makes the place into what it is!

The trees and plants that the management has stocked up in the garden is a perfect place for a dendrophile. There are those tongue-twisting scientific names put up on the name boards and attached to the trees as well.

They’ve got a huge collection of the various kinds of Cactus plants in a mini garden put up in one of the corners of the botanical garden.

Also, there are rare plants that one cannot simply find it in any other regular garden one visits. So, for a person who is a great plant-enthusiast, this place isn’t worth a miss.

Food-lovers - Celebrate! ‘Cuz you aren’t ignored!

All those picnicking out there with family, friends or loved ones, cheer up for they’ve got some treat for your taste buds too! There are a lot of snacks one can get in these places. And for the coffee and cold beverage lovers, there’s a café in the food-point.

Not to forget appreciating the aesthetically pleasing benches and chairs they’ve got around in the place.

 The best thing saved for the last – Walkers’ paradise and abode to all the fitness-lovers


They’ve got exclusive stretches of tracks and workout areas for all those regular walkers and fitness lovers. You’ll see scores of people coming in every morning and evening for walks and fitness.