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Prathik Desai

Feb 10, 2019

Gandhi Hill

The pride of the old town of Vijayawada



The historic Stupa that added a feather to the pride of Vijayawada 50 years back

One of the oldest and yet unforgettable places of interest in the old town of Vijayawada! Amidst the calm residential dwellings of the old town, lies one of the most underrated and serene places of visit - both for children and adults - Gandhi Hill!

As I rode up the hill, a sense of nostalgia caressed my face. I was visiting the place after 15 long years. And as I was walking around the place, I revisited some memories that I had left there one and a half decade back. I could picture an 8-year-old me and my 70-year grandfather holding my hand and showing me the town from a bird’s eye view from the top of the hill.

Historical significance and the hidden grandeur of the city

The main attraction, the Gandhi Stupa, is at the pinnacle of the hill. The Stupa has on it, inscribed in Devanagari and Telugu-the regional language, the eleven vows of Gandhiji. The most fascinating thing about this Stupa is that this was the first Gandhi Memorial with seven stupas built in India.

Something for the child in you and the foodies too!

Once you walk down the stairs, there’s a toy train which takes you on a ten-minute ride around the hill. The best time to get a bird’s eye view of the lit-up city is to take the train ride post sunset. A food stall with snacks & beverages and a children’s park are also set-up recently for the visitors.


Some things can never be replaced - Memories

The old defunct library and planetarium are under renovation and should be ready in a few months. A lot more places on the hill were renovated but then, as they often say, no matter how much you renovate such places, their souls stay the same. Similar was the case here. I could still feel the same breeze, the same sense of childhood in the air. Just that this time, I saw my childhood in the children playing around me. They rightly said, that no matter how educated one becomes, one fine day it'll bring you back to the roots! Today, my very education brought me back to where it all started. Where I first took baby steps towards appreciating Mother Nature!