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Kamden Mushahary

Nov 11, 2018

Prelude : Motoring Monks



Motoring Monks : Origins

Location : Phuentsholing. Border Gate Separating Bhutan & India. The Other Side is India and The Place From Where This Frame was Captured is Bhutan

It was one lazy night in my college hostel . It was 2015. With Adventure , Himalayas & Moto-vloging making a buzz in India.I too was excited with my travel goals. i don't know how will i express the happiness that i get when it comes to traveling in the Himalayas. I have always been connected to the Himalayan States a bond i can't break. Although i am from the plain lands there is nothing i don't know about Himalayan States. I am a walking wikipedia of Himalayas. Darjeeling , Gangtok , Spiti , Manali you name it . People these days travel there for getting the "Traveller " tag but believe me when i say that its much more than that tag for me. I respect Himalayas. I am a Buddhist . I was born Hindu . So  i believe the respect is visible here right ? Anyways talking about Buddhism its principles are based on " How to live a happy life " and not some blind faith.In Fact many from 1st world countries come to learn Buddhism in Bhutan. O I think i have diverted from the crux of the Story.

So as i said , the " Himalayan " tag was spreading like a wild fire. I was back in Central India then . In my room , we were having some "chill" time . Beer actually. I suggested my friends "Guys, lets  go to Bhutan and Darjeeling all by ourselves and then head to Meghalaya till the border of Bangladesh , Border to Border . Sounds cool right ? " 

All nodded in agreement . And then began the series of Motoring Monk Tours. Since this is just a prelude i won't like to narrate the whole roller coaster rides but in short let me summarize it up . Our car broke down, we were pulled over by fat bellied police officers , we drove through clouds and had awesome  variety of beers in Bhutan . Cheers.


I try to capture everything ,tape it edit it and put it but then its for my own fun and enjoyment. I haven't thought of capitalizing on my touring . I believe its not the right time. Lack of time and limited capital and career commitments holds me back. But I don't miss the chance of Himalayas every time i get to buy some time for myself. So thats how "Motoring Monk" team was incarnated. I have leaded my friends to tours of Himachal Pradesh , Darjeeling , Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh . It was worth the pain and money that i have spent. I have memories. I can atleast smile when i look back. And the future ahead? Yes i am hopeful when it comes to touring. Off the record, maybe I am going to Bhutan these december again I will bring the snaps of snowballs from there if you follow me. 



Motoring Monk AKA Kamden