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Sep 16, 2020

Istanbul The City with Seven Hills

Stand on top of a plateau with beautiful views of Istanbul


Istanbul is also known as the "city with seven hills". All those hills naturally offer a fantastic view. When we talk about Istanbul, the first thing that comes to our mind is that this ancient city was founded in the beginning on seven hills. Then its roads branched out and grew slowly. Throughout history, these seven hills occupied very valuable centers starting from the Roman and Byzantine period to the Ottoman period. This historical importance is embodied and evident even today, as the hill regions are considered the most beautiful and ancient places in the city, as well as being full of important tourist attractions in this story we are going to mention the locations of these hills and the monuments built on them. For example, on the central square Taksim in the European part, you stand on top of a plateau with beautiful views.


Istanbul First Hill:


The first hill was used in the beginning to be a field for horse racing. Today, the area is known as Sultanahmet Square. The main attractions of The summit that brings together Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. From here, Greek settlers first built up the Byzantium city, and Ottoman sultans ruled over their vast empire from Topkapi Palace, a sprawling complex that was, in fact, a mini-city within a city. Both realms saw many advantages of placing their ruling centres here because the peninsula surrounded by water on three sides was perfect for a fortress.


Second Hill:


The summit in which both the "Chamberli Tach" mosque and "Nuri Osmaniye Mosque" are located:

"Nuri Osmaniye" mosque, is one of the most important Ottoman monuments, in addition to the "Chamberli Tach" mosque, which extends along the "Diwan Yolo" street that connects to the "Sultan Ahmed" mosque. This place is nicknamed the burnt pillar is still on the show. The 18th-century Nuruosmaniye Mosque, its other famous landmark, is instead reaching for prestigious status by awaiting approval to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.


Third Hill:


The third hill is now an area within the campus of Istanbul University. The most important building in the area is the Suleiman Mosque, which is the main landmark that adds beauty and importance to this area bort by Architect Sinan Other historical buildings are the Beyazit Mosque and the old building of Istanbul.


Fourth Hill:


The Fourth Hill (Fatih: The Conqueror's Hill) on which stood the Church of the Holy Apostles and, subsequently, the Fatih (Conqueror) Mosque in Fatih district, slopes down rather steeply to the Golden Horn on the north and, rather more gently, to Aksaray on the south. It seems like fate wasn't kind to this religious building either. Damaged by an earthquake, it had to be rebuilt in the 18th century.


Fifthly Hill:


The summit where the "Yavuz Selim" mosque is located and that summit include both the "Yavuz Selim" mosque and the "Fethiye" mosque. The neighbourhood was named "Yavuz Selim" in memory of the Sultan, "Yavuz Selim". And that summit is one of the peaks overlooking the Gulf.

Popular walking tours provide a cultured look at these two prominent and nostalgic neighbourhoods including prominent buildings like the Greek High School and Ecumenical Patriarchate building.


Sixth Hill:


The summit at which the Al-Sultana Mosque "Muharram" is located in the neighbourhood of "Adrianople" It is considered one of the highest peaks of Istanbul. It is the dominant point on the Gulf in the region. The Sultana Mosque, "Muharram", as well as the Saray "Takfour" and the "Kariya" Museum are located at this point.

It Is considered the highest hill in Istanbul, carrying many important historical buildings such a the sultan Mihrimah Mosque built by the architect Sinan In addition to the Tandoor Palace and Kariye Museum, which were but during the Byzantine period.


Seventh Hill:


The seventh hill it covers an area called Altınmermer and its vicinity, also known as Gukurbostan and is considered an important settlement. Of the important historic buildings is a column Arcadius the column of Arcadius.

Seventh: The summit at which the "Koga Mustafa Pasha" neighbourhood is located: This point is located between each of the "Aksaray area and the walls of Topkapi".

All those hills are great fun - especially if you come from the Netherlands - and make Istanbul a special location. But be careful if you are not used to walking a lot. Because otherwise, you will, of course, get tired of all that was walking up and down