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Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Greetings. We at Cushy are very respectful of an individual’s privacy. As members of the Cushy community ourselves we understand that privacy is something that is innate to our nature as individuals and we treat that with the utmost care.

Cushy is an app that lets you capture and remember your experiences as well as share them. Cushy is a public platform and all experiences are shared publicly by default. This improves your ability to be discovered and give the world at large a benefit to experiences that other individuals may want to experience. Currently our app is a closed system and we do not share any information (such as profile details) with any third party. The private information in your profile remains private unless you choose to share it. Also by using the service you give Cushy a perpetual license to use your content.
We receive and/or collect information when you install the app and subsequently access any services provided. We directly obtain information that you provide in your profile such as your name email and phone number. We also collect data based on your usage via 3rd party analytics tools to help understand usage and traffic. This assists us in improving the services we provide to you. We also provide you a history of your activity that you may also delete from your records. We also log your ip address and country from where you are using the service. This gives us the ability to provide you relevant information. We also take note of the device you are using to access our service to better understand how we can improve the experience we provide to you. We also collect information from any content or data you post to the service such as images, tags, notes and location information. Any inquiries to the Cushy team are also logged and acknowledged.
We may periodically update the app to provide you a better and improved experience. We utilize the data we collect to diagnose and fix potential issues with our service and to generally provide you with a continuously improving service.
Any email or notification subscriptions that you may start with our service can be unsubscribed by simply unsubscribing via your profile.
You may also change and alter your personal profile information at any time by authenticating yourself within the application.
We keep your content on our servers indefinitely or until you either delete your content or you delete your account. If you deactivate your account your content will still be accessible by other users.
We may need to, based on your jurisdiction, need to provide Authorities information based on valid legal requests. We will only do so in the event of clear harm and proper legal inquiries.
We keep your information on our servers which may include 3rd party cloud service providers that we rent for normal business operations. These servers may be across multiple regions and countries.
We do not knowingly solicit, receive or collect information from anyone under the age of 18. If we are alerted to an account that violates our age requirement of users being of the age 18 and older we will delete the account and content as soon as possible.
You are also not allowed to post any hateful or otherwise inappropriate content such as nudity or pornography. If people report your content as inappropriate it may be removed if deemed as such and your account may also be suspended or deleted.
As with all security we also request that you keep your personal information private such as passwords. In our service as we use both phone numbers and email to authenticate and access your account you should also keep that access and information safe.
You should not use this app in situations that will cause you nor anyone else personal harm or in any danger.
By using our service, you are agreeing to comply with our policies and terms of service. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will be updated and change from time to time and by continuing to use our service you continue to agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. In an event where a change of control occurs the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service may also change.
There are no warranties or guarantees on the usage of the service and we are not responsible for the loss of any data that you may have posted. The service itself may change in the way it operates and we are not responsible for your data loss in any of such circumstances.
For any issues the jurisdiction will be Bangalore, Karnataka India.