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Vikrant Anand


Agara Lake

The place is so good for running or jogging or if you simply want to spend some good time with your friends and family.

Arogya Ahaara

Situated at Koramangla 1st block , Arogya Ahaara, is one of the best food outlets at a very cheap price. A spoon of ghee gives a dosa a glaze that shines in your eyes. Place is very clean which provides hygienic food without a doubt. You can also buy cooked food in kilograms if you are planning to buy on a larger scale.

Patna High Court

Street in front of the Patna High Court has come alive with pre Diwali shopping. One must come here to shop for Diwali. You can get a variety of things at an affordable price.

Sita Kund

A water spring that has an important story to tell us about the Tretayug. Sita conducted her ordeal here, in the place where this hot water spring is situated now. According to the legend, when Sita came out of the fire, she took a bath in this pool and the heat of her body was absorbed by the water. There are other pools also, like Bharat Kund, Lakshman Kund and Ram Kund.

Kakolat Waterfall

Kakolat waterfall, situated in Nawadah of Bihar is one of the amazing places to visit. The waterfall is situated in the middle of mountains. There's a small pool where the water collects and where you can dive in for fun.