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The Jungle

This is the one of the best fine-dining restraunts in Muscat, Oman that is kids-friendly. It is a themed restaurant set within a artificially created jungle to give you the real feel of the wild. One point that is to be mentioned is its aesthetically appealing interiors that gives it a contemporary makeover. Diners have a variety of menus to choose ranging from Arabic, Continental to Indian. The rates are a bit on the higher end but I am sure it is worth the food and experience the restaurant has to offer.

Grand Mosque Muscat

One of the iconic landmarks in Muscat, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, also known as Grand Mosque Muscat is one of the biggest mosques in the middle east. Known for housing the once largest hand woven carpet of the Arab world, this place of worship is open to visitors everyday except Friday from 8am to 11am. Visitors are expected to dress modestly (full length trousers or dresses) when visiting the mosque taking into account the religious sentiments prevailing in the region. Women are expected to cover their heads with a scarf. The main prayer hall houses a 8.5 ton Chandelier right on the centre below the dome. Build using superior marbles, Grand Mosque is a must-visited place on your Muscat Itinerary.

Khasab coastal road

There is more to Mussandam guys.Just rent a cab and drive on the coastal road from Khasab towards Ras Al Khaimah. If you don't have a UAE visa, you will be allowed till the Omani border Check point at Bukha that's approximately 75kms. I am sure you will have the drive of your life. We were simply awestruck at the sights that came our way. Here are some of the pics shot from my DSLR. With this post, we come to the end of Mussandam diaries. This is one place that would forever be etched in my heart. I am so glad that I got to visit Mussandam which is the hidden gem of the Middle East. If you are a nature lover looking for having a calm and serene beach holiday, this is definitely your ideal destinationšŸ˜Š.


Just an additional info.. If you are wondering where the celebrity couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas headed for a quick honeymoon immediately after their wedding, it's nowhere other than the exotic Musandam in Oman. Snippets from the boat ride through the Omani Fjords. Hop on to a dhow from Khasab at a price of 10 OMR per adult. Those driving from the UAE can cross the border at Ras Al Khaimah to Oman upon getting a Oman tourist Visa.


Musandam is basically a peninsula with rugged mountains and blue seas bordering it. The mountain range running across Musandam is popularly referred to as the "Fjords of Arabia". Such is the beauty of the land which invites umpteen number of tourists from all over the world. One must-to-do activity in Musandam is the Dhow (Traditional Arab boat) ride that takes us through the Fjords offering breath-taking views of the place. If you are lucky enough, you'l be able to catch a glimpse of dolphin pods, just as I did on the way sailing through the pristine waters. As the above pictures were taken from my DSLR, I am unable to geo-tag the location.